What’s that whole expression about nothing nice to say so don’t say it at all? I should probably leave this blank then. I will keep it short and sweet. If you want a large family, wear this just like this. It really should be classified as a long t-shirt, and not even that long. A dress is hiked up too high if the average viewer can see where your legs touch. Even gynecologists expect you to wear more then this at their appointments. I shouldn’t be able to tell if you’re a natural blonde without looking above your neck. Cover yourself, I promise they will still know what’s down there even if you have it covered up a little more. No one thought you were a guy in the first place. I blame this on all those celebrities showing off their goods. Sex tapes can get you reality shows and leaked cell phone photographs can turn your television career into major motion pictures. Well, showing off your cooter at the club can probably get you a free drink, it’s a start. Is this how to keep it cool down there? Try running through the sprinklers, those wont strap you down for 18 years. Trashion. Her thighs touch, I shouldn’t know this.