Animals have always been a major part of The Flashion. Maybe it’s because we see the fashion world as a zoo , or maybe it’s because most girls look like hippos, whatever the case, we can’t be expected to be as compassionate as Noah and let all these beasts on our ark, especially not two of them. There is a time and place for animal prints, mainly when you go out and have some fun. There is a time and place for fur too, mainly when you finally get to hell and meet the devil himself. It’s the same girl in both pictures, she sent these over in one unit. I am willing to bet that one picture led to the next. We have stated before that we aren’t into guns. She thinks she has ammunition immunity because she is wearing cheetah, clearly a cheetah isn’t faster then an assault rifle. Hunting is so lame, you want a real sport, give the cheetah a rifle and you run. What is so great about real fur versus synthetic? If it’s that much softer people would use fur as toilet paper, not weird vest things. Now , I realize gun enthusiasts will make some argument about how eating a hamburger is the same as hunting, and I agree there is a hypocrisy, I guess it comes down to the need of food being easier to swallow ( nicely done) then killing for the trophy.  I dislike this girl’s decisions, and for that she is Trashion. No one is looking at your clothes if you’re looking at them through the cross hairs of a gun. Animals are smart,lovable things that should be treated as equals, eating them is tasty but they deserve some respect, even bananas are almost 90% genetically the same as humans, let’s let bananas vote.

P.S. I know her face is showing which is against our policy,but she doesn’t need protection, she’s got a gun.