We have a strict athletic jersey policy at The Flashion. It’s zero tolerance unless watching and/or playing in an athletic event. These rules aren’t made just to be a dictator, we are trying to live in a society. You think you’re so cool with your soccer jersey at a party. Do you think people are mistaking you for an athlete? Granted you’re bigger then a soccer player, I don’t think anyone is assuming you play. Every time you see a football player’s mug-shot after an incident takes place in a nightclub, they are never wearing their jerseys. It’s just common knowledge that if you have to tell someone you’re on the team, you probably aren’t. I think if you’re trying to trick some ladies, then soccer is the right sport, because no one watches men’s soccer and you don’t necessarily have to be huge to play it. Dorks wearing Star Wars gear look cooler then the guy who thinks he is a soccer stud. It’s really just a t-shirt, it doesn’t even show off the muscles. Every mother loves to tell their kid how they met daddy, “he was wearing a soccer jersey at our prom and I couldn’t say no”. Clearly this is Trashion. Don’t do it, unless you’re going to play and no I am not saying if you play as a hobby, I mean if you’re playing as you’re wearing it.