If you are seriously going to hate on older people then you need to re-evaluate your life and where it’s headed. These people are filled with knowledge and experience, all they want to do is help. Senior citizens get a discount,because inflation was crazy over the last 50 years and they never agreed to pay more for a grilled cheese,  they voted for the other guy.I don’t feel bad posting this guy’s whole face because I am going to play the percentages that he does not go on the internet. For the sake of his kids, I’ll distort it a little bit. This picture was probably sent in because of the all white everything and the whatever is going on with the hat. It’s impossible to sit here and bash this guy for having some fun. We are so busy criticizing this guy for wanting dinner at 4:00 p.m. and being in bed by 8:00 p.m. that we overlook the fact he doesn’t care what we think. We could all learn something from this guy. What does he care if you think he looks silly? He has lived a full life while you’re over there snapping pictures like he is a mermaid. At this point, he doesn’t care what anyone has to say about anything. If he wants to wear all white , he is going to, if he wants to throw that hat on like he is Kid ‘N Play, he is going to, if he wants to tell you the same story 5 times, yeah you guessed it, he is going to. Fashion is based on doing what feels good, that’s why fashionable people are always caught sitting on the jets in hot tubs. No one tease this man for his all white everything, he is braver then you are. Well, let’s wait to find out if this is just a sporty klan outfit for their bi-weekly softball game before we declare this man a hero. Flashion sir.