From the editor: Get pumped,it’s more top notch advice from England. She has returned to us, C. L. Haden. This time gracing us with a lovely guide for how to prepare for that first date. You can find her here. I purposely put this up in time for tea. She is not recommending the clothes in the picture, they are just reiterating the importance of being yourself. We are thankful she doesn’t partake in any riots. Here you go.

You know as fashion ‘un’ conscience that I am, I am not completely in a coma. I have to admit and sssh don’t tell anyone but the only time I show a miniscule of an eye twitch is when I go on dates. Oh I pretend I don’t care and I am very careful not to give too much away to the other person. Insecurities are not flashion, and people seem to pick up on them and use them for their own uses.

I like to give the impression that I’m just not into fashion at all. It’s rather a good approach to have as it gives you a chance to see that person’s reaction. I remember having a chat on the phone to one potential date about first dateclothes. And he asked me what I was going to be wearing, I always get a little concerned when guys ask me this, as 9 times out of 10 they are big fashionisistas aka divas. So I said I wasn’t really into fashion and that I’ll wear whatever’slying around…. Phone went dead.


Guy number 2 asked me the same question; I thought herewe go again.  So I went with whatever is clean and not in the wash pile, I asked him and he said the same. I thought cool, date went ace and he looked effortlessly gorgeous but turned out to have an obsession with his hair. I discovered things I didn’t even know had a reflection…


So yes, I do maybe put a little thought in to my date wear. We have something like 7 seconds to make a 1st impression, so of course it should be a good one. There are a few things I have to find out before, I go on a date so that I can dress accordingly and no I’m not a control freak just a sensible planner….

Location – always good to know. A hike and heels – cool alliteration but not practical!

Time – Night time dinner with baggy jeans. Need I say more?

Personally I always pick coffee shops for my 1st dates. Warm and comfortable so I match the mood with my clothes. I always wear jeans, figure fitting ones but not too tight as I do want to sit down. Top wise, well if I’m planning to see the guy again. I don’t go cleaverage all out; he may think he wants to see it all now. But it’s like sex on the first date,they may want it at that time but after they have got it… they think you do that with everyone. Cute ballet pumps or anything flat with no heel is a good choice; heels should be saved for future dates. Besides it looks like you’ve tried too hard…

However if it is a night time date then I’m all for the heels and away with the jeans. Replace with a nice pencil skirt (classic) and again not too much cleaverage, and a few accessories.

Please always make sure you’re comfortable with what you are wearing. As if not, believe me it will come across in how you hold yourself. Dates are there to be fun! And if you are worrying about what you are wearing then maybe a) your dates not going too well or b) you worry too much.

In order to look good, you must feel good!


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