Philosophical question, if a hat is worn by a girl all alone in the woods, does it make a noise? Obviously. That fine line between a good play and played out is fading quickly with these types of hats. It looks great though, it’s the perfect compliment when the hair just isn’t cutting it. Now, the issue isn’t with the hat or who is wearing it, the issue is with the popularity. Look how many pictures were submitted of the hat in one week. If you want to wear a hat just to wear a hat, then be my guest, if you want to be trendy, it’s time to get creative. You’re lying if you think this is a brand new look. These hats were already on the scene last summer, now the trickle down effect has them in podunk towns like it’s a seventeen magazine photo shoot. Remember when you finally got pogs only to see people with beanie babies. It’s like that, if you jump on this bandwagon right now, you’re going to be left in the dust on the next one. You should cut your losses and admit defeat, just prepare yourself for the next big thing. A lot of people think it’s better to not play the game then to lose. If you are fortunate enough to live in an area where you can get away with being a little late on things, then power to you, or maybe you’re volunteering in a third world country this summer, then do whatever you want, they are probably impressed by you not having two left shoes. The only hat that is always guaranteed to never go out of style is the jimmy cap, you know, a prophylactic, a condom. It’s safe and fits everyone, despite what some may claim. Anyone who says “it feels better” without a condom masturbates too much. No balloon, no party. Flashion.