People tell me that “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People is the 2011 summer anthem, well people aren’t always that awesome. The song is good, but ultimately wont be on any playlists in September when girls are sitting in their rooms dwelling over their summer flings while they are wishing the relationship lasted as long as the STD did. What the song does represent is the sudden rebirth in the fascination of sneakers. Sneakers are all over the place, they are being worn with everything, people are sleeping in their sneakers. It could be the expensive cost or the celebrity endorsements, but sneakers have no more limitations in the occasions they can appear at. Here we have a lovely young lady who sent in this metallic gold pair of sneakers. I found a picture of what I think they look like close up, they might be a different brand, it’s the same shiny effect. She isn’t at the gym or about to check in for the Phoenix Suns. This is her looking nice. Half the fun at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs is dancing in fancy shoes. Now that sneakers are in play anywhere, it’s unfair. You think a guy in wing-tips has any shot against a guy in Jordan’s in a dance off? Musical chairs, forget about it. It’s like cheesy party game steroids. The shoes are cool and real fun. I just can’t get over the fact that the entire semi-formal party landscape has been altered. Anyone who has ever played coke and pepsi is pissed right now. Don’t forget about the limbo, I am a freaking invertebrate with a little traction on my feet. It’s Flashion, although it will get you suspended and hurt your chances at the Hall Of Fame.