An ongoing theme on The Flashion is men’s swim-wear. It’s hard to ignore the floral patters or the strange color schemes. Well, we are lucky enough to have this picture in our database. This is straight from Brazil and considered a normal bathing suit. Where I come from we call this a diaper, which makes a lot of sense because if I was at a beach over there and saw all those brazilian models, I’d crap my pants too. Brazil is really the land of the show offs, not only are they better looking,but they wear nothing. How about a little humility? Do a little research, American is the minority in the Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated Swim Suit model world. Little bathing suits just have no place over here, we enjoy our fast food too much. Although, a lot of people have a warped mental image of themselves and wear clothing like they are in Brazil despite looking like they ate Brazil. It is nice to see some love from Brazil, I don’t know how or why they read this, it’s probably for a good laugh, and not because anything written is funny, but more because they can’t believe people actually look like this. Whatever the case, Brazil , keep doing your thing, you may look good in diapers, but America is already over that trend by 2 years old, then to top it all off,  when you get over the trend as you grow up, we are back on the trend at 92 years old. Red White and Blue. It’s Flashion though.