The Flashion isn’t afraid to go global. This picture was sent by a young person from the Holy Land. The most famous carpenter of all-time grew up not to far from where this was taken. Now, nothing really Earth shattering is going on here, standard stuff, I wouldn’t say they are trend setters,that isn’t why I decided this picture was important. If someone asked you how do people dress over there, would you have ever thought like this? I always imagined people walking around with little caps on their heads and women wearing all black. I mean, I wasn’t on the hunt for Fashion Week Jerusalem tickets. We aint that different. Obviously, it’s a lot more dangerous in Israel, suicide bombers and exploding automobiles are all over the place. It’s really a sad situation. Yet here they are , wearing clothing that isn’t too far removed from what we wear. I realize, that they are a couple years behind us based on the shirts, it’s still a noble effort. I can relate a lot to those religious types, just like they get all bent out of shape when people go against stuff that they write (the bible), I freak the freak out when people don’t take our advice and wear stupid stuff. I am not about to start a genocide or a holy war,but the thought crossed my mind. On the real, what goes on over there and other places is terrible. I’d like to make these people honorary Flashion because they are making it happen despite the Trashion world around them. Whenever I see a new starter jacket, I am more sure of god existing then ever. Thanks for reading over there. We are thinking of you, try pink shorts, all your friends wont even know about them till 2030