It’s really not a prerequisite for fashion that you have to be tooth pick thin. Plenty of people are looking good and carrying a spare tire. What really makes the difference is knowing your limitations and having a good personality. A smile is the sexiest thing, that’s what dentists think anyway. You could have on beautiful designer everything and a frown can turn it into crap. The only thing worse then bad fashion is a bad attitude. Smiling matches everything. This guy is just so miserable, with his waffle knit shirt sticking out over his linen pants. The waffle shirt surprises me, he seems like more of a pancake guy. His whole disposition is ruining my day. When you go out shopping and find the perfect article of clothing, aren’t you so excited to wear it that your day is automatically a little better? That’s precisely why this guy should use his buffet money for clothes. Walking around the store is good for him too. You know he thought he could get away with online shopping. His clicking fingers are ripped. The wild beard and the moppy hair are just adding to the misery. He isn’t even giving himself a chance. Imagine that shirt a better fit and tucked in. I think some chubby chasers would be more then a little excited about that. We live in a society where you’re going to get judged, so put yourself in a position where they can judge your personality. If you are all grumpy, no one cares what you’re wearing ,because they have already disregarded you. If you want to make days ending in “Y” all you can eat chicken wing days, go ahead, just smile about it and put on a clean shirt, the strippers will be more inclined to look you in the eyes. Did I say strippers? I meant the girls online. Angry man is Trashion.