Here we are another weekend. We made it through a week of awesome together, still friends. Look at what is pouring in. People taking new found knowledge and rocking the world with it. Pink shorts all over the place, yeah, you’re welcome. Here we have rompers, we have inner boob. It’s a great time to be Flashion. Only two things are promised in this life, death and that The Flashion is the source for what you need to be wearing today. Rompers are nearing the end of their life cycle so act quickly. You can’t wear the back to school romper knowing some people had the last day of school romper, you need to set the trend. Find the next big thing, or better idea stick around here for the next big thing. So far we haven’t been wrong. We see you girls in the lacrosse pinnies. We see you. Want a tip? Try a plain t-shirt with a v neck. Trust us on this one. Now you really want to be trend setting, say your favorite song is Lighters by Bad Meets Evil and Bruno Mars. It’s our job to make your job easier.  Send us what you see. or @theflashion.

P.S. What’s up with Selena Gomez saying “I’m no beauty queen” in her song? That’s like Donald Trump saying he isn’t the richest man in the world. Yeah ,he isn’t, but he is still really really rich.

P.P.S. This is what’s up.