Sometimes, I feel like a proud parent when I get sent pictures of people who take our advice and then look absolutely incredible. Look at her,pink shorts already at large, I’m loving it. Solid color tank to avoid any nonsense, perfect. Rock hard abdominal region to make sure no one for a second thinks they can pull it off better, outstanding. Granted that top looks more like a sports bra when you’re this jacked, she still looks real good. This is how to do it, everything right here is exactly what is going on right now. Not thrilled about the sneakers, I get what she is trying to do ,but they just seem out of place. Sometimes life needs sneakers though so I can’t fault her for the comfortability factor. You can’t really know a person till you walk a mile in their shoes, her shoes look kinda dirty and I am not really up for walking a mile,so I’ll just make some prejudice statements. There is a water bottle between her legs, no that isn’t some euphemism, look at it,she understands the importance of staying hydrated in the summer heat which is always Flashion, or it’s possibly a creatine shake for her muscles, both fine options. This is like Flashion graduation day, she is ready for the world. O, the places you will go. She might be on her way to an arm wrestling competition, she is quite fit. Someone get this chick some cheese burgers, I feel like we are getting an anatomy lesson. I have to watch what I say to avoid an ass whooping. Take note of what she did, she saw what was awesome and used it immediately. She didn’t copy anything, she stayed true to herself, but she understood the speed that style moves at.