Purple used to be the color of royalty. This person is the Earl of Erections. I can’t even focus on his shirt or his khakis, not because they are so easily forgotten, but because this hand in the pockets pushing outwards is the go-to move for hiding a boner. I like the solid colors, it’s classic and difficult to get wrong. This guy is having a hard time though. Pun intended. I wonder what was on his mind, maybe he saw his own Flashion reflection. Great style is not strong enough to over come an outstretched stiffy. It should be a natural thing that we are all mature enough to handle,but frankly, I just can’t get over it. He looks like he is pitching a khaki tent over there. What’s the rule on blood engorged penile shafts? Do some women consider them compliments ? Is the most flattering expression of love  simply showing off your chubby? Some women like jewelry, others might like to see a woody they caused. To each her own. I should really say his own too, nothing wrong with it. It’s cool to wear a plain collared shirt and khakis, the outfit is okay in my book, but the flag is flying high at full mast and needs to calm down before we can take this seriously. The best way to hide a boner is to not get one. I think this guy is Flashion though because he is doing the best he can with what is given to him. For all we know something really cool is in his line of sight.