I hope your eyes have condoms on them, this stuff is contagious. You know all those movies when the world ends because of some incurable disease running rampant, I hope this look doesn’t spread as quickly. Look at the lower hip tattoos, you only get those if you know you’re going to be showing them off. These acid-wash jeans with all the holes makes me very uncomfortable. Does anyone else get the impression that these jeans are deteriorating because of her toxic lifestyle and not because of some designer finish. Everything is just so filthy. The top is only that by it’s default location. Then to tie it altogether she thinks it’s time to glam it up with some accessories, necklace and watch.  The watch makes a lot of sense, time is a big factor here, she only has a couple of hours of getting low before she turns back into a pumpkin. I hate to be this cruel, but come on, there is no creativity here or style, it’s 100% meat market, take a number and wait your turn sleaze. She doesn’t care about what she is wearing, as long as she isn’t wearing it for long. Don’t leave the house like this, it sends a horrible message, pictures like this pop up and your boss thinks differently of you, your future father -in-law sees it and suddenly develops a wrist injury. It’s not how you want to portray yourself, it’s really selling yourself , leave a little something for the imagination. Look at all those bracelets, either you’re into Lance Armstrong live-strong and some other charities or you hit every nightclub in the eastern seaboard. Girl ,give yourself a chance. Girls reading this, don’t copy, don’t paste, cut this. Trashion. This is not a new fashion trend, prostitution is the oldest profession actually.