Catch me if you can. I got that hotness. 6 months ago, it was all about the side boob, well the world has shifted, not much, but a shift none the less. Today, it’s all about the inner boob. I am not talking about squished together watermelon cleavage, I am talking about free flowing flesh bulbs. It’s that double dog dare you to look titillating tease. Obviously it takes some guts to pull off, and it isn’t for everyone, although I think it really lends itself to most body types. Little lady lumps have just as much appeal when showcased like this, it’s truly  a trend that does not discriminate. I don’t think people at work will be thrilled if you added this to your daily ensemble,but plenty of other places will love it, mainly, night clubs and any Hollywood award shows. Okay, so maybe it isn’t the most versatile expression of clothing, that’s really for you to decide. All The Flashion can guarantee is that it’s what everyone is drooling over today. For every inner boob exposed, an angel gets its wings. Guys, get this for your girls. Girls wear this for your guys. Single guys try not to let them catch you staring. Single girls, don’t bother bringing a wallet, you wont have to pay for anything. Girls in college, wear this to the financial aid office, you’ll get that grant. No , not a grant for tuition, Grant is the guy who works in academic affairs. Flashion.

P.S. For you traditionalists, the month of August is about the bright pink shorts. Wear them during the day or at night, make them as formal as you’d like, but this is what everyone will be biting on.