It’s not easy for guys. Just because something is trendy for a lady, doesn’t mean it’s male counterpart is going to be on the cover of GQ. Right now, for girls it’s incredibly popular to be what fashion losers call bohemian chic (first picture). Labels like that are exactly why some people are so disenchanted by fashion, a lot of us in the business take ourselves way too seriously. Bohemian chic, come on, that sounds like an air freshener or something you do if you want to fool around but made an abstinence pledge. When a guy tries to pull off this look that is sometimes described as laid back, he ends up looking more laid off which ultimately leads to not getting laid. Ladies never pee standing up because it’s not for them,conversely bohemian chic isn’t for men. Take a look at this fellow (second picture), he is going for it, I commend his effort, he looks like a hobo. It just doesn’t look planned on a guy, it reads as more laziness then intentional. If a guy was really trying to go for bohemian chic, he would look more like this last guy anyway (final picture). There is nothing sexy about looking like you have bed bugs. Eventually, if you have lice long enough, you have to claim them as dependents on your taxes. It’s really just a whole concept for the fairer sex, don’t worry though, guys still have sandals and socks. Something that will always be trendy, showering. I promise. Try it out. I think for girls, this is Flashion, although it’s almost over, so jump on board quick. For guys, this is Trashion, as in, the guys wearing it are inhabitants of the junk yard.