What’s worse then one person in tie-dye? Three people in tie-dye. I understand it’s for fun and no one wears it seriously, I have a sense of humor, I swear. I just don’t like it. I don’t recommend it. I don’t want my worst enemies to have to wear it. I’ll get off my high un-tie-dyed horse and take this for what it is. It’s just good old fashioned smiles. They are having a good time. Partying all day, wearing a tie-dyed shirt in commemoration. If you’re going to go out as a group and get silly, this is probably a great wardrobe choice. You can throw up all over it/yourself and it’s well blended in with the normal print. It’s a lot easier to dress up like an idiot when you’re not alone. That’s why boy bands had crazy costumes, because there were five of them to wear bullet proof vests or baby-blue sweaters. I also enjoy tie-dye for the simple fact that it makes it clearer who to avoid. The tie-dye trend always seems to comeback right when you think it’s over. I think a big part of it is that you can make the shirt with friends, so the social aspect is a large contributer to the fad. I’m more of a strip poker person when I want to include socializing and clothing. The lowest form of the walk-of-shame is taking that morning stroll while wearing a tie-dyed shirt, it’s basically admitting a mistake. Look, it’s not The Flashion’s job to make decisions for you, it’s up to you to decide what makes you the most comfortable, all we can really do is tell you that we wouldn’t hire you/date you/date rape you if you rolled in with this shirt on, and if we wouldn’t, chances are most people wouldn’t ,because we are desperate. Actually, most people have no standards, they have one requirement : a pulse. So wear whatever the heck you want, for every three tie-dyed shirt wearing goons, there are five people ready to run a train. Flashion. Right?