Once in a while something comes in The Flashion mail that is completely unknown to us. I haven’t been this confused since I found out that dance was a possible major at a lot of colleges and universities. Yeah ,let’s major in a hobby. I got my masters in stamp collecting. My assistant got his doctorate in antiquing. So what is this? It’s not lingerie or anything that private, it is some new hybrid NASA thing. I wish we had a front view. If it’s lace in the front, game on. One glaring weakness in this top, the exposed bra. Let those babies breathe. Support is for help desks. If people have a problem with things flopping around, tell them to stop looking, you didn’t ask them to stare, although you kinda would be. I mean, the logical explanation is that this is a fancier tank top. Chocolate chip cookies are awesome because they are cookies and chocolate chips, not much has changed in the format, because it works. Tank tops don’t have to evolve, they work. Natural selection wont eliminate the tank top, as long as there are 8th grade school dances and charity car washes, tank tops will survive. All jokes aside,  I think this is meant to be worn, bareback. Maybe some bacne is being concealed, in which case, good choice. The back is a vulnerable part of the body, it is hard to fully examine, so a lot of ugly can be hiding on it, I always tell people to avoid drawing attention to the back unless you use the buddy system and get the okay. Lets call this Flashion on the principle that it’s new and different. If she wears this out, imagine what she wears on the 1 year anniversary night. Go get it.