If I go to one more wedding and see a kid wearing the solid color polo tee, I am going to throw up. I am a big believer in the solid color tee, and think it’s the perfect option for going out when you don’t know how fancy your peers are going to look. It works almost anymore, it’s a safe choice in an otherwise unsafe world. Somewhere along the way, the solid color t-shirt has become formal attire. I have worn one of these to the gym and was asked “Why do you have to dress up everywhere?” The logo is really what changes this from an undershirt to finally something nice enough to be buried in. It’s not that the horse is overly impressive, it’s what it stands for. No one wears Nike because of that jizz stain swoosh thing, they wear it because you know just by a quick glance that it isn’t some generic junk. More importantly, onlookers know what you paid for it. Now we are getting somewhere. This isn’t just a solid color tee, it’s an expensive solid color tee. Just because it is the same cost as a suit, doesn’t mean it should be worn in place of one. We need to stop assuming things are cool because they are expensive. If that was the case it’d be $1 dollar to come on TheFlashion.com. Do you think the best hookers are the most expensive ones? No , the most expensive hookers are chicks with dicks. Sorry to be vulgar but it’s true. The extra cost is to cover the operation and the man-bits tax of 1998. The best hookers are the cheap ones,because they are brand new to the game, no diseases. Once you’re able to up your rate, it’s like a throwing a blade of grass down a tunnel, a dirty dirty dirty tunnel at that. Solid color t-shirts are Flashion for the most part. Allowing price to determine what’s Flashion is Trashion. Don’t get together for a Brodak moment all wearing different color tees, those who make themselves sheep get eaten by the wolf.