The most skillfully executed marketing scheme in the history of the world. In the mid-90’s, Lisa Frank dominated the school supplies scene. Her use of colors on animals that would otherwise be bland ,revolutionized two pocket folders and pencil sharpeners. Pinks, purples, and everything in between turned back to school into BACK TO SCHOOL! I knew it wouldn’t be long before some designer tried to play into this emotion. Biologically, our brains are telling us this print is awesome,because deep down we feel that school supply shopping euphoria. In reality, this is as gross as those pastel trapper keepers were. You know what I call a pink tiger?  Animal cruelty. In the real world, if you tell someone about purple dolphins, they tell you about good rehab programs. So I challenge you get over the mushy feelings of first grade, and see this for what it is, bizarre. It also looks like a patch work of different animals, I see some zebra and some leopard. That’s just too much for me. Okay admission time, I hated the first day of school, and when commercials would come on for Lisa Frank supplies, I knew summer was almost over. I equate the pink and purple hues with hell.  I am the wrong person to judge this. Everyone I have shown this girl’s shirt to is asking me where to buy it. Maybe everyone loved their pink jaguar notebooks for the looks and not just the name. It’s possible that this might just be a hot look. Sometimes it’s okay to have a little imagination. Let’s say Flashion, because she looks good in it, I’m sure many men would like to see her after class.