What is America’s obsession with guns? I just did some quick research to make sure I wasn’t making this up. The United States has the highest rate of injuries inflicted by guns and the highest gun ownership rate. New Zealander’s (Kiwi’s) only know about guns from books and movies. I don’t even think guns are that cool, it’s not like smoking cigarettes or riding motorcycles. Which brings us to our point, why would you want a gun on your shirt? Yeah, this gun might shoot heart bullets,but those can hurt too. Ever have a broken heart? Not fun. If you look closely, she clearly has a shirt on underneath too, so this is purely for the statement. I don’t get it. Is the goal to tell people that you’re a tough chick? Well,  I have always been a believer that if you have to tell someone something, it isn’t true. Almost all of volunteered information is untrue. Could you go through an airport with this shirt on? Guns are exactly what is wrong with America. Even in crime, U.S. citizens need instant gratification. We need our movies streaming instantly, our microwavable hungry man dinners done in 2 minutes, and our murder victims out of their misery. What happened to the good old days of sword fighting or being chained to a mountain while birds eat your organs? Guns are so lame. We have summer movies where cowboys shoot their guns at aliens with guns. If god ,girl god,zeus, guy dreaming us up or whoever else might have created us, wanted us to have guns on our shirts, they would’ve made guns see-through. Higher beings love flesh. This clothing decision is absolute bull-shirt. Trashion.

P.S. People only saw Cowboys and Aliens for one thing, a little tight ass.