Remember how buttons are supposed to be elegant, like always, someone has to go and mess it all up. The leprechaun vest is a great way to make your chesticles a little perkier, it’s also a great way to let the world know that you make the majority of your income in dollar bills shoved down your pants. It’s obvious why this picture was sent in. It’s someone who wants to draw attention to the twin missiles and has taken such a blatant approach that you feel like you’re going to second base just by looking. The lack of cleavage is where this outfit really challenges conventional wisdom. Usually the go to move for showing off upper-deck pecks is to have a low cut shirt. This touch the sky technique is really for showcasing the shape. Symmetry is as important as size. If you’re  noticeably uneven, your entire life changes. No more pool parties, no more gymnastic competitions and no more strip poker. I can’t really knock this girl for being proud of her cloned cannons, it’s always a huge gamble when those melons start to ripen. Is this look going to be the next trend? I don’t think so. I am willing to bet that girls have a hard time obtaining this top, even if they are interested in lowering their self worth. I think you should stay away from this, you really aren’t attracting the kind of attention that will respect you once they realize the milk jugs don’t always look like this. I’ll say Trashion, but I admire the effort. I’d love to see the guys who met her this night when they see her the next morning. Talk about first impressions.