Everyone, check your local news,  there is a strong possibility that this girl is wanted for bank robbery. Look at that outfit. The bandana around the neck, the black leather, the little girl back-pack, I think we have our first fugitive who cares if she looks good. I’d say this girl just robbed an after school daycare service but it’s the summer. I think it’s kind of sexy to be with a person on the run. Breaking the law and never being able to stay in one place for a long time is a way more romantic story then anything Nicholas Spark could come up with.  I think the pluses are outweighing the minuses. This girl’s real crime is looking terrible. The bandana and bag are on a first class trip to clash city. Not to mention, anyone who has ever pulled off the whole rebel without a cause, had a horse or a motorcycle. Going on foot is for suckers and poor people. If you want an honest opinion, this would look  a lot cooler with a cigarette in hand. I do not endorse cigarettes, but they really do make anyone who has one look cooler. There is no denying it, if you want to quickly become cool,pick up the cancer sticks. Now it’s like a status thing to smoke because a pack of cigarettes is so expensive that you have to be a somebody to smoke them. Or you could be someone who robs banks. The plot is thickening. I get what’s going on though, this is the anti-conformity picture. This person is original and doesn’t need The Flashion, she makes up her own mind and all that nonsense. By not conforming, you’re actually still conforming,because you’re copying the schema your mind has for a deviant. The only way to be original is to read The Flashion. No, some of you do your own thing and it looks great.  I just don’t like what I am seeing here, the only situation this would work in ,is one of complete desperation. I am talking apocalypse style, only take what you can wear. Next time, we see this girl on America’s Most Wanted, hopefully she will get it right. Until then, I think we are in trouble for aiding and abetting. Trashion.