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Him: Does my bum look big in this? Me: GET OUT!!!
Is it just me or has the ‘does my bum look big in this’ epidemic passed onto the opposite sex,  most of my best friends are male and shopping with them or even going out with them  on a night out is a challenge to say the least….
Now maybe it’s an English thing, but men over here have become so female!!!  I went shopping with my best mates the other day to find something to wear for a night out of ours – nothing special, the Queen wasn’t involved or anything…..  First shop we went to,  I came out with a dress, shoes and accessories – I’d tried them all on, and BAM, bought in 20 minutes… 3 hours later we are still going around the same shopping centre looking for a shirt that would ‘compliment their skin tone.’ I mean really???!! Now I am not saying guys should go back to caveman days, no washing, hair growing places where it shouldn’t be and clothes that have not seen a 21st century washing machine. But I admire men, because they seem to have this inner confidence, it’s this “I don’t care attitude”… they walk past the mirror and yes their 6 pack is beginning to go more 0.6 pack but they shrug and walk past..
This attitude is why men are so appealing to me, so as you can imagine it’s very off putting when males now days start to become more than concerned about their image and I feel kind of guilty I must say.  I am part of the new age man movement crowd – you know where we encourage them to moisturise, wash once in a while and just generally take good care of themselves.  However I feel that the good intentions are not so good after all…
I was watching an advert the other day, it was advertising a man going up an escalators and a good looking woman smiling and then shaking her head at him – the slogan “men with tired skin are not appealing to the opposite sex” ….  At that minute in time, I felt ashamed to be female!
I don’t know about you, but I’m not one for obsessing over how I look, don’t get me wrong I look after myself, but I find “you either like me or not”  works for me. That’s  why I find it rather scary when my 3 guy mates are fighting over the bathroom (I’m always the last in) and why they spend valuable drinking time asking me whether their jeans are too tight, too loose and  whether their shirts suit their skin tone blah blah blah *yawns*
I’m a full believer that, if you spend your time being so conscious of what you look like and you need reassurance all of the time then we attract people that are just like that too… insecure and self-obsessed  and that really IS NOT a good look!
So my best friend did the whole “does my bum look big in this?”  And I said “do you really want me to answer that?”  Queue paranoia, I ignore him, and he spends the whole night asking me why I won’t answer!
Please someone tell me this is just an English thing? There must be some of that male testosterone hanging about…. Or was I born with it all?