Awwww, when are you due? Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl? You’re not pregnant? Oh. Well then, um, okay. Cool shirt anyway. That’s why I don’t meet the people we feature in person. The only women I have ever meet who want to draw attention to their stomachs are pregnant chicks and girls who only eat on Tuesdays. Exposing the stomach so nonchalantly is a terrible idea. I can have a tootsie roll and my gut bulges out a little more. It’s great to have confidence, and the human body can be a beautiful masterpiece, but just like great art work, you can’t stare at it all day or it loses it’s luster. Are you sure you don’t know the gender yet? I don’t recommend this look for anyone, it’s a mistake on so many levels. The type of people who are excited about this, are the same type of people who know which days are free appetizer days at the strip club. Usually we say the idea is right but the execution is where things fell apart, this is just wrong on every level, and it doesn’t help that disney channel is on in the background. Yikes. What is she thinking? The long-sleeves on the barely there shirt mixed in with short shorts really confuses me on the climate. Global warming is a bitch. Let’s mark it down for future reference, if your plan to deter teen pregnancy is to look like a pregnant teen, you’re not Flashion. Rough day at The Flashion, rough week, rough month, you would think with all the people reading us that things would start to change.