Cheetahs are among the fastest animals on Earth. I wish I could say the fastest, but some birds think flying counts. I wish I could say these girls are wearing the same shirt and one is just working out more but that’d be a lie. When a girl comes into the club wearing cheetah, she means business. It can mean  two things, either she wants everything fast or she is hard to catch. In these pictures, we have featured one of each kind. You can make up your own mind on which is which. Without question, one of these girls has people running away and the other one has people on the hunt. For every girl in the club who is looking good, there is one who is forcing the funk on a nasty dunk. The pictures are evidence that you can put the spots on a cat,but that does not make her a cheetah. What is really interesting about cheetah print is that out in the wild, it is used to camouflage, but in the nightclubs, it is the first thing you see. I am not feeling either girl’s outfit right now. Animal print is ideal for the clubs and bars because it takes a couple drinks to look past some of the abrasive patterns. We have said it before, animals prints are not always going to be awesome,but sometimes you meet the right person who is blind and things work out. Remember ladies, hunters like the sport more then the kill so be careful. Remember guys, these girls aren’t known for their fidelity, they are cheetahs. (see what I did there) I am going to say Trashion because everyone is saying this is leopard print. Why would you want to wear leopard? The best leopard is a panther, they wear all black, learn from them.