It’s okay to support your team. You’re not automatically Trashion if you wear memorabilia. Remember, it’s only gross, if your fan gear is a larger size then anything the player your rooting for would wear. It’s about time someone on The Flashion is having fun without a nipple slip. Look at the beer in hand and the emblem proudly sported. That’s how to do it. Take notes. It’s a clean shirt, no wrinkles, stains, or throw-up chunks. Dressed this well, he is getting to second base quicker then the cleanup hitter. You don’t have to be falling over to drink and have a good time. Granted, it’s more fun, but remembering the night is always better then piecing it together text message by text message. Guys should dip all their condoms in paint on both sides, so that way when they wake up from a drunk night, the girl and the guy knows if a condom was worn. Yeah, you got  lime green genitalia, but no one is pregnant, want to switch that? Didn’t think so. Go watch some sports, scream for the home team, and look good doing it. If he attended a girls softball game wearing this, the players would have trouble focusing on the game, well some of the players, the ones with the long hair mostly. He definitely benefits from being a fan of a team with good colors. I don’t know if wearing purple teams would get you on The Flashion for good reasons. Worth a shot to find out. Send everything to Chief@theflashion or social network us on twitter @Theflashion. The button on the bottom is helpful. You can send us a message too and we will get back to you as soon as possible ,if that’s easier. Usually we trash things that are easy. This guy is fan Flashion. Showoff. If you’re looking for ladies, try the bathroom, they seem to congregate there.