This is how to start the day off right. She has been eating those wheaties. A picture is worth a thousand words, I think we are only going to need a couple hundred. Let’s break away from the normal format, and explain things a little more simply. You know you’re not Flashion ,if you have to use a public bathroom to take a picture of you in the outfit because if you’re momma ever saw you in it, you’d have an appointment to get your tubes tied within the hour. I hope this was taken at the mall, where she is bringing the heat, and then when it’s time to go home, she gets back into her trench coat. Speaking of trench coats, its the one article of clothing that you can’t wear outside anymore. Airports, schools, malls, political debates, dentist appointments are all places where trench coats will complicate things for you. Back to the lecture at hand, slutting it up in private is never a good idea. Moms are there to tell you not to wear that because they do not want to be grandmothers. It’s not to be annoying, and no they are not jealous ,because they can’t look as good in it, it’s because little clothing leads to no clothing. Tell this girl to stop making that serious expression, they aren’t looking at her face anyway. I am glad she was kind enough to wait till she was out of the stall to take the picture. Living a double life is always Trashion, especially if one of the lives is more revealing then the other. Hope she washes her hands, but the germs she is going to get dressed like that are far worse then anything she can get in the bathroom. Good luck out there, hope the display case sells the merchandise before your dad sends you to a missionary. No not missionary position, slut.