This is a viewer request piece. Here we are, 2011, climate change,economic issues,and 80’s remakes are causing a lot of strife, because of all the more pressing issues, people clad in cartoon character clothing have gone under the radar. I don’t see how anyone can overlook these animated anomalies. They are out there, they are in your neighborhood, at your restaurants, taking your parking spots, eating your samples at costco. What is it about cartoon characters that make people want to embrace them well past their youth? Do we feel more comfortable with these familiar faces, so it’s like we are always traveling in an entourage? Well just like the show entourage, it sucks and lost it’s luster as time went on. Does each character represent something different? Is Bugs Bunny the international symbol for vegetarians or transgender? That rabbit loved his carrots and his dresses. Daffy is the representative for jealousy and poor planning, anyone who covets thy neighbor and has a foreclosed house, needs Daffy memorabilia. Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam are second amendment nuts. No comment. Now, I don’t think these characters are some hidden message icons, I think they are really just worn for the same reason girls walk around with camel toe, they just don’t any better. There is a direct correlation between low income + lack of intelligence and the amount of character embedded outfits, maybe these portraits are the polo horses of the underworld. In this situation, do you blame the company that manufactured it, or the person who bought it? Both are really to blame, things like this shouldn’t exist. If you can’t point to Tasmania on a map, you can’t wear it’s greatest export on your leather. If it’s your gang logo, find a new group, try the people who wear nintendo characters, at least when you’re in their mom’s basement, you’ll get snacks. Good luck talking to girls when you’re wearing a cartoon character and your voice is sore from screaming at Road Runner that the tunnel he is sprinting through is just a painting. Size matters if your shirt has Tweety on it. I promise it. Porky Pig is never leading to porking. This is Flashion if you’re in a double wide. Trashion if you have eyes.