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By. C.L. Haden

I live in a crazy world, where I’m far more concerned about what feels good rather than what looks good – fancy being a rebel and joining me?! Go on I dare you, just for a day or 2…. Go crazy, live wild!

I have never been crazed over fashion; don’t get me wrong, I love clothes…

I was always brought up in a world that showed people on TV being poked, prodded and criticised on how they looked, and how they should look like exhibit A (see picture) and they’d always finish the show with that ironic expression of how “fashion was a form of expression” and I would mentally add “fashion was a form of expression with constraints!”

Thank fully these ‘how to’ programs have grown a little more sophisticated and a little more constructive, but I can’t quite help notice, that as human beings we always need someone to tell us how to be, do, say, and most of all dress – we don’t seem to be able to trust our own opinions. Whilst it’s nice to get a second opinion, I can’t understand why every detail of our lives and even right down to our clothes has to be dictated.

They told me that, because I was a tall girl with a small waist; high wasted jeans would be perfect! (see picture) what they didn’t ask me, was whether I liked high wasted jeans – and no I don’t, because quite frankly, my curvy bottom doesn’t like them! I do however like hipster jeans but apparently they are not in this season for my shape; oh dear, shorts it is then providing the powers at be permit it – I guess I could get use to the nudist look if required…. 😉

Apparently frilly shirts are not ideal for me either as I am blessed with a good top shelf and apparently I shouldn’t add to that shelf- again they forgot to ask me whether I like frills…. For the record, I do and have the urge to go and buy the frilliest frill that there is!

To quote myself, I have never been crazed over fashion; don’t get me wrong, I love clothes… My trends don’t really follow catwalks or what’s in this latest season, I guess a part of me will not buy into the ‘must have’ frenzy, this frenzy is why most of the population go cold and hungry for the latest craze! When I look for clothes there are four things I think of:

1.     Do I really need this?

2.     Is it practical?

3.     Can I team it up with other pieces of my wardrobe?

4.     How long will it last?

The first point for me, is very un-girly but I am not an excessive buyer, the practical part is something I’ve learnt very recently, having to go to a lot of events means that I am working as well as socialising so shoes have become a big issue for me – I love 6 inches but after 6 hours of networking my feet don’t. Being able to team it up with other items is very important as with work events this means I have to be able to look professional yet sexy! And last but not least value for money is very important, no matter what you pay it should be made to high quality, sometimes with certain things it is worth paying a little extra to get more wear out of it; from past experiences it’s a lot more cost effective.

All I can say is, dare to wear what YOU actually want to wear, if you need a second opinion that’s OK, but you are a unique person and your clothes should reflect that, make it your mission to not conform!

C. L. Haden