A bikini is a privilege, not a right. It will take 1,000 walks on that beach to finally get even close to being in bikini shape. I am not bashing the large and in charge, they are entitled to eat as many krispy kremes as their grubby hands can hold onto, I am saying, I have a photographic memory and never agreed on developing that picture. Way too much going on. The herd travels together, I believe this is called the great migration, they are on search for better feeding grounds, you know, the buffet line. Simba lost his dad,because of this thundering stampede. That man hasn’t seen his unit since 93′. No one has seen his unit since 93′. I used to have an expression for when a girl’s stomach sticks out more than her chest, I think gross will suffice in this instance. I am not here to tease the obese, or get cheap laughs, I am honesty dumbfounded by the size I see on a day to day basis.  The sick truth of it all, these people are considered average weight,because there are such fatsos out there that the average weight is probably over 300 lbs now. Underweight means you only have two neck roll. America is known for a few things, size, crime and The Flashion. We can’t be expected to carry this country on our back, especially when each person weighs a ton. Let’s all chip in and keep the chips away. From a self esteem standpoint, how does anyone have the confidence to even try to work this? The goal isn’t too be a stick figure, the goal is to be healthy and live long enough to get the senior discount at friendly’s. If you remember your locker combination numbers by which value meal they represent, it’s time to put down the leftovers and re-evaluate things. If your most recent athletic injury is chub rub, it’s time for a change. The Flashion supports a healthier you. That’s always Flashion. Get it together. You can do it, chew harder, burns more calories. Got to start somewhere.