I decided it was time to use all the Flashion money that has been rolling in and treat the staff to a movie night. We went to see Captain America. It was like any summer movie, explosions, chase scenes, DNA transformations, usual stuff. From a Flashion perspective, I was excited to see the style from that era. For whatever reason there was enough khaki for a GAP commercial. Most of the costumes were forgettable till the lead actress wore a red dress that showed off her well-trained pectorals, all it was missing was a box of oreos. Captain America in the comics had one of the least intimidating costumes out there, the movie updated it a little bit, but if I was his opponent, I’d have to hold in the chuckles. What really stood out to me about the film was how it worked like a comic book, lots of quick transitions. I didn’t really like the plot, it seemed like more of an introduction so they could pump this character into another blockbuster next summer. It is hard to ignore that our hero Captain America is portrayed by the same actor who was The Human Torch in Fantastic 4.  Talk about being typecast. For what it’s worth, the movie was entertaining and the costume design was done well enough to let you believe the time period. At the theater, I saw a guy whose shorts were hiked up so high, that I swear on Captain America’s life, I saw a testicle. I wasn’t nuts about it.

P.S. When I searched for pictures of that actress, the second most searched query next to her name was “Chest Size”. God Bless America.