We are lucky enough to have Challah Girl share with us her observations on the fashion world. Check out all of her great work at http://challah-girl.com/  We are real big fans and urge you to take a look. So here is what she has to say. Hope you enjoy.

By. Challah Girl

I wear my weight well.

I am a very attractive, active, happily married, young, fun, hard-working, talented woman. Please, note that modest is not on that list!

I’ve never felt slowed down or hindered because of my weight and that definitely makes thinking of myself as “overweight” or “fat” difficult.

I’ve never wanted to get on board with the “Shape up! Slim down! Tone up!  Trim down!  Firm up!” dieting craze wagon.

Words like:

Slender, Lean, Thin or my favorite – Willowy never ever applied to me and maybe surprisingly – I never wanted them to. I still don’t.

I prefer words like: Curvy, Rounded, Plump, Buxom,Rubenesque, Full-figured…

And dare I say it — Womanly?

Seriously – women are designed to naturally have fat stores in order to nourish and support children.

I’m not trying to work against the nature of things here – I like being a little softer and rounded than my male counterparts. It is my natural right to be a little overly endowed!

At this point you might be thinking – “How does this apply to fashion?” Well good question!

I want more options at the clothing store to express my love for my body. All of my body.

However, fashion for “fat people” is nearly non-existent.

I have to look long and hard to piece together clothing that works to compliment my feminine frame while still maintaining some sort of modesty.

For example, there is only one (YES, ladies one!) store in my city that sells bras in my size that don’t look like my dowager aunt should be sporting.

It is hard to feel feminine and pretty in khaki colored lycrafloral – trust me!

And anytime I want to wear something fitted it has to come from the maternity section. Yeah – that’s uplifting right?

I’ll tell you a true story.

​18 year old Challah-girl walks into a Victoria Secret and is instantly confronted by a sales clerk wielding a tape measure. Before I can even say anything the sales woman proclaims “We’re doing fee size measuring today to direct you to your best fit!” and snaps the tape measure around my chest like some sort of fashion ninja. The frown on her face is forever emblazoned on my mind as she says – loudly and disapprovingly “I’m sorry! We don’t have anything in your size here.” And briskly walks away.

Snap! True story, I know what Victoria’s secret is –Cacomorphobia! (That means an irrational fear of fat people.)

Now, it is summer time and let me tell you, it is a whole different story in a bathing suit – no support what-so-ever!

Yes, yes I know they have “plus-size” suits with built in panels and support liners and everything else… Still it isn’t worth it.

They charge outrageous prices for these so-called “support” bathing suits that are still all about skin, skin, skin! And unfortunately my skin needs a little more support and modestythan the current fashion trends allow.

If I show the same amount of cleavage as a woman with B cup breasts would modestly – then we’re talking several inches of full XXX décolleté on my chest.

Not to mention those little built in skirts are not fooling anyone. We get it thin girls get the pretty fabrics and fat girls get the two toned (or worse monochromatic) one pieces with the little built in skirts that float around us like Ursula’s tentacle-laden outfit from the little mermaid.

So no, I’m better off wearing a tank top or even wet suit instead of trying to purchase one of these pseudo supportive, exploitive swimwear options.

A new day is dawning on the fashion world, with obesity at skyrocketing rates in America (and worldwide) these days.

How come fashion hasn’t caught up to our buxom womanly ways and gotten on board with the curvy expressions?

At least this curvy lady wants to know!