In 1998 , adidas shell toe sneakers made a dramatic comeback. I was on the forefront then, and here I find myself again on the forefront of another Run DMC inspired fashion trend. This time there is less acne, well maybe the same amount, just in different places, gotta lay off the juice. Is the goal of this look to make me believe you were listening to rap music in the 80’s, or is the goal to make synthetic vintage shirts? Frankly both answers don’t thrill me. I like the group, love the music, can’t really see what representing them does for your image. These t-shirts will not increase in value over time because they are being mass-produced. Three different stores sell their version of this same concept. I’d like to see a girl wear an NWA t-shirt. Never any love for west coast rap. “Gimme That Nut” underwear or “Express Yourself” belts. We at The Flashion, are not crazy about this whole phenomenon, just too many brands pushing this stuff, there is a reason why cocaine’s value dropped in the 80’s, everyone was selling it. We are looking for the next fashion crystal meth, it’s new , it’s going to get you hooked, and you have to know the right place to get it. If you are going to wear a t-shirt, this can suffice, just don’t expect to be the only one wearing it. Flashion by default.