I am only asking if this is Flashion or Trashion because it’s what we do here. The answer is clearer then the an over priced bottle of filtered water. Right here, right now, all three girls have dominated their respective dresses. Nothing skanky, nothing making my eyes jealous of my butt’s location. I think they were recruited to form a super fashionable squad. This could be your next summer blockbuster movie, what was so special about Iron Man 2 that girl in the stripes couldn’t handle? That Incredible Hulk remake of a remake has got nothing on the girl in the middle, she took care of business on her first try. Then the piece de la resistance, Miss Righty, yea we see you ,is that the fabric of our lives? More people are looking at her then those who saw Thor,”but The Flashion, Thor made a billion dolllars”, yeah that’s because ticket prices are absurd and divorced dads need to find something to do with their part time kids on every other weekend. This girl could have charged IMAX prices for this bad Larry. I bet their eX-Men are kicking themselves for losing this. ( See what I did there. ) I say wear this everyday and everywhere, don’t risk the downgrade, no one is saying no to you in this, the world is yours,now go get it. Flashion all up in your face.