They make a cute couple. A cute couple of dinks. The only time I want to see people have a common color bond is during tag-team wrestling or a boy band concert. This has got to be one of the most obnoxious things you can do as a couple. There is definitely a right way to match your partner, a little pocket square or a tie that matches the dress, even a matching vest has it’s place, this is just the most abrasive color being hurled at 90 miles per hour. I hate everything about it. What happens when the girl gets drunk and starts falling all over the place ? No way to deny knowing her then. What about when you see an ex-boyfriend who is suddenly single and he asks for your number, he is going to be able to tell you’re with bright blue boy toy over there. In life, you need to have options, there is no exit strategy when you’re matched at the hip. I get it that there is this phase in a relationship where you do corny things like this because you are so excited to find someone who sucks as bad as you. It needs to be put in perspective that there is a world outside of your nicknames for each other and antiquing trips. Get matching pajamas or bathrobes, anything that doesn’t leave the house. It’s all about subtly, if you desperately want to match, go with black. Who chooses the color in the situation? The second I let someone tell me what’s Flashion is the second I am tweeting nude pics looking for love. Follow us on Twitter. The button is down the bottom. This is Trashion. I love how this is sent to us because you know these two think they are just the best dressed couple since Fred and Wilma.