Ignore the awesome hat for a second. The top this girl is wearing is as trendy as it gets right now. I wish I could find a more universal name for it, I have seen it called a shawl, tunic, knit-top , Ishmael,poncho, drug rug, arm -hole tee and flop top. Take notice of it, it is making it’s rounds, I have seen it on two contestants on two separate game shows this week. Unfortunately, it looks like these tops have a maximum capacity limit, because they can make bee stings look like the Himalayas. Wear with caution. It’s a nice material for the summer time, although I don’t know if it can prevent UVA and UVB ray’s damage. So go out and get this, at all the major stores you can find a variety of colors and patterns. Lots of Native American inspired themes. Oops, meant Indigenous Americans. This is probably not an outfit choice for work, nothing is stopping you from wearing it after work when all the fun starts though. Woot Woot. I’d stay away from white though, it’s a hood away from a Klan meeting.

Also, if you want to get a jump on some trends, wide pants, almost looking like bell-bottoms are going to be everywhere by Labor Day for ladies. For guys, go get some canvas sneakers with laces. You’ll be the coolest kid at the ice cream truck. Kids, school uniform, preppy wear is the hotness.

It’s important to be a creator of a trend and not a follower. Don’t bite on other people’s looks, make your own, you can do it. Just do what everyone else does and make it your facebook status so people know you did it first. Does that bug anyone else? When people buy something or get a haircut and post on facebook that they love it, just so everyone knows if someone else turns up with the same thing going on ,it’s plagiarism. It happens a lot with music and movies too, someone will post their review when they are really saying, been there done that, you’re copying me now. Who wants to be first , when instead they can be the best?