Call the cops, these girls are killing it. They took 4 different shades of poop and made it happen. I am impressed. The chocolate pudding inspired look is going to sweep the nation. Actually it wont, it looks warmer then hell, there is a heat wave sweeping the country and these chicks decided it was time to break out the winter wear. My favorite part is that they match each other. That takes real skill. I can’t even get another person to help me move a bureau, and these girls are able to coordinate matching days. Well done. Now, they look good and they are a sight for sore eyes, but it is clear to me why girls stay away from dressing this nicely. I hate to be prejudice, but this is how a bitchy girl dresses. How come every time a girl is independent and high achieving she is automatically called a bitch, probably because she talks down to everyone and has a false sense of entitlement, or to put it simply, is a bitch. It is entirely too warm to bite on this style, I’d even venture to say it will be too warm in December, they are layered up in wooly cocoons. The girl on the left, wearing the wool parachute must be in a sweat, I am sweating just watching her. Take it off, be like these other girls and let it all hang out. Boots up to your knees are very practical, they can withstand almost any eco-system and are flood proof. They aren’t the least bit resembling of something a hooker would wear, wink wink. How much for both, 2 for 1 deal maybe, I hope they have change for a 50. These street walkers are Flashion. Thanks for leaving something to the imagination.