Well well well, finally something we can all agree on. Nothing is sexier then a little mystery. What’s under the mask? Does it even matter at this point? We are already hooked. The reason this picture is being posted is because it shows you true personal style. Maybe a mask isn’t for you, but at least it’s something different. Every picture we get is a busty girl falling out of a neon colored dress being held together with Batman’s utility belt. Try something new, do you know how many magazines are purchased every month that have a focus on fashion or celebrity fashion? Enough to think some people would try to emulate what they are reading. How come people only copy the ugly? Look, it’s a ski mask, anytime it is not worn on a mountain, things usually get a little dicey. I know you need two forms of identification to even purchase one and you can’t have one in your luggage when traveling Jetblue, but being Flashion is about taking risks. Maybe those risks include robbing a bank or hostage situations, I don’t care, you’re going to make a statement doing it. For some reason, a mountain is never part of the ski mask equation, again, that’s what Flashion is all about. I don’t think you should wear a ski mask for any family portraits ,first dates, job interviews, to school, while visiting old people with heart problems, or to the beach, but if you’re at a snowball fight, it’s all good. No, I don’t think ski masks are going to be the new hot item to have,this is simply a metaphor for everything that is right with fashion. You need to take risks and be your own person or at least copy the people who are good looking enough to be in made for tv movies or celebrity dancing competitions. Flashion for argument’s sake.

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