What’s black and white and red all over? This chick with a sunburn. No there is nothing wrong with your screen, she is really black and white. She is a living coloring book. It’s good technique for making skin appear to have a darker complexion. You don’t even notice how pasty Casper over here is. I for one, love color, the whole point of fashion is to experiment with combinations and schemes. Penguins would kill for the opportunity to wear orange. Think of the penguins before you make this colorless mistake. At first I thought she was an escaped convict who hadn’t found a disguise. If you want a world without color then move to Antarctica. The rest of us want to brighten the planet. So when you’re ready to change up the palette, we will be waiting, until then, you’re Trashion. Another Trashion girl, this is getting predictable. I can’t believe a girl in cheetah print didn’t try to maul this girl looking all zebra like, eventually instincts do kick in. It’s truly a jungle out there.  A Trashion jungle.

P.S. What came first, the top or the headband? If this was bought together then we are losing the battle against Trashion.