I like to know people are paying attention. Nothing is more inspiring then seeing your students grow up. These young ladies aren’t the power rangers, they are wearing duct-tape dresses. They are literally Trashion yet so Flashion. Now, I am not dumb enough to think they put in all this hard work for me, but they did  send the picture so I will take what I can get. I know all about “anything but clothes” parties. It’s good fun, can’t hate on that. I feel like we were just discussing neon dresses with Batman utility belts, it’s such a trend that it’s being replicated in tape form. I bet more time was spent creating these then any of the crap you see in the chain stores. Duct tape does nothing for curves, all these girls look like they are about to watch the video about “our bodies changing”, the one where your parents have to sign a waiver before you can see it. Probably should’ve asked to see a driver’s license before posting this, oh well, live and learn. I like keeping the world green, but this isn’t recycling, it’s actually wasteful. The duct tape isn’t used, it’s new. They should’ve found used duct tape to make the dresses, just go into your basement and take the tape off the pipes where your dad tried to save a few bucks. Done deal. A great feature with dresses that are made by a plastic material is that when they get dirty, no dry clean required, you just need a hose. I like the colors and I like the effort. Next time, I want to see a tape romper. I’d like to wear one of these and do a slip and slide. The one with the alligator that you could get if you won Double Dare. I’d pick up some real speed. What happens when the clock strikes midnight? Does the dress turn back into  a roll of tape? A tape belt is brilliant, it’s always the perfect size. Innovative Trashion girls are Flashion.