This is a Halloween costume, it has to be, right? I got this sent  from the girls themselves I believe. Now , did they all get together to play dress up, or did they have a theme party, I am not positive, but I bet all the kids are lining up for tutoring. Suspenders are trendy right now, I don’t know if this is what designers had in mind, but A for effort. What’s up with all the band aids? These girls are bruisers. During the day time they are over-achieving obnoxious geeks, at night they are part of the biggest fight club in the history of the national honor society. Or, the bullies use nerds to fight like cock fighting. Too many band-aids though, I’d be nervous if I met these girls. I don’t suspect drug use, but it’s too early to rule anything out, they do look ridiculous and drugs can sometimes cause that. Maybe they fought over who got to wear what. I always scrap it up over orange suspenders. The girl on the right has some pythons, I wouldn’t want to cut her in line in the cafeteria. No one is stealing her milk money. Hey girl on the right, next time you send a picture, send in your workout regiment too. Girl in the middle’s fly is down. I like the effort ladies, you took two styles we have been posting about and tried to pull it off. Flashion readers are always Flashion.