Last week we talked about how to properly wear a baseball cap. This is the exact opposite of that. For someone to be so dirty that they would consider putting this on their head takes a lot of filth. Pigs covered in dump are more sanitary. I see stains and grime, two  things that every CSI detective has to normally use forensics to find. If that hat is really a preferred accessory for him, imagine how gross his hair is. You know that greasy, oily, other adjective that can also describe a mechanics shirt, that’s what we are dealing with. It’s times like this where you need to look at his support system. Where were the parents at? Why isn’t anyone showing him a shower or a hat store? White and other light colors are not conducive for hiding stains, someone should introduce him to darker colored teams.  If you are seriously considering marrying a guy with a hat like this, re-think it, imagine how he would treat a baby if he is willing to let something so vile that close to his face. This guy goes bobbing for apples in the toilet. A stain on your shirt makes sense, you enjoyed a meal and got a little over zealous, a stain on your head is just nasty. Trashion. This guy is trash diving.