Does this count as formal? I mean it is a tuxedo vest. I always wondered what was worn at a two-girl wedding. Just kidding. This girl wore this to steal the show. Everyone else is dressed in suits and gowns like a bunch of suckers. She took an item from the men’s section and used it to upstage all the people who shop in the women’s section. Very clever. Did she really shop in the men’s section? It looks like she might have gotten this from  the little boy’s department or Stuart Little’s closet. There is only one article of clothing for adults that has only two buttons and it’s overalls. The cleavage isn’t flopping around all over the place , nothing is giving me a hankering for a salami sandwich. I think we may have the big-foot of the fashion world, the tasteful tramp. She is still going to be more skin then clothed, but she isn’t going to show any areola. Still, a vest like this is traditionally worn with a three-piece suit, and she stopped at the first piece. If she is a stripper and her character is from a speak easy, prohibition, mobster era then I applaud the look. She is definitely eating her wheaties though, so she is entitled to show off her hard work. The goods look like they are for sale, for what price, I do not know. I am pretty sure she is okay with customers touching the merchandise. She can’t really complain that someone isn’t looking at her eyes when she speaks, there is way too much going on below the neck. She might have success as a teacher wearing this. It would get some kids to shut-up and pay attention. In closing, if I had this body, I wouldn’t even get dressed in the morning, so kudos. I’ll call it Flashion, although I don’t recommend this for everybody and I think it’s not for anything that you’ll do before 11 pm.