Usually flowers are pretty. I don’t know what the heck happened here. Everything is just wrong. I am glad she is drinking so she can forget this mishap ever happened. This looks like a couch at a nursing home, I bet it smells the same too. I figure she wears this so when the guy she wakes up next to in the morning’s parents barge in to tell him it’s time for school, she can just squat over and look like furniture. A lot of leg is being shown, she is out on the prowl. Once you get over the fact of how hideous she looks, I am sure she is a lovely girl. Can’t be too smart though. Look at her carrying her wallet and cell phone, you know those don’t leave with her when she goes home. The only reason she didn’t call techno Tommy the next night is because she lost her phone, he still has a shot, they all have a shot. This is a garden of ugly, stick to solid colors sweetheart, leave the patterns to the pros. Drink till you look good, that’s what I always say. My only advice is to keep reading The Flashion, I promise we will find you some girls who know what they are doing. Trashion in every imaginable way. You know she thinks she is flashion, the way she is strutting around, she is expecting an engagement ring or at least a grind-line. Whatever comes first.