Because this dress is so short, one thing is clear, she doesn’t have testicles, but it definitely takes balls to wear this out of the house. I mean ,it’s a shirt right? She will raise her arms and reveal biker shorts. Probably not. I hate to judge a book by it’s cover, this book is pornography. Nothing lady like about this trollop. I hope that hurt some feelings. I’m not here to make friends. If you don’t have to remove any clothing to go to the bathroom then you’re wearing too little. Simple rule to live by. What’s the belt for? This dress doesn’t need any help staying up. You know when a guy is really aggressive and it’s a turn off for girls, well unfortunately, it doesn’t work in the opposite way. This girl will draw exactly the type of people you’d expect her to. Usually women are more concerned with keeping their downstairs area private and they like to show off the top shelf, guess she doesn’t care about either. Would she be allowed in a convenient store? Ladies,  come on, pretend like it’s a challenge. You can be easy, no shame in that game, quit the free advertising. If I can see where your upper thighs touch, it’s too short. I don’t want to see you out and be force fed an anatomy lesson. Be careful, you might catch something just by looking at her. My bad. Trashion. Give me some feedback. If this is your girlfriend, you should consider double wrapping.