Country music is the trendiest thing going, there is no denying that. So naturally, the next stage is that country style. We all see it, hats, boots, guns. It’s everywhere. Despite  country population being among the most uneducated, I think they are looking pretty good. They go sleeveless and have their pistols so they are baring arms on two bad-ass levels, and they have a right to do so. A big misnomer with the country bumpkin universe is that they are all related. They are. The stereotypes are pretty accurate, but it doesn’t stop them from having a good time. You ever notice how when you tease a girl at a country bar for not knowing the pythagorean theorem, a million guys come to her defense and want to rumble, it’s not because country guys are gentlemen, it’s because they are sticking up for their family. I am kidding, incest is Trashion. I think the cowboy boots are a great look, I think most girls can pull it off, and for the first time cankles are completely hidden, so you whale legged chicks get a break. I mean, if you have serious cankles, you probably can’t get boots on anyway. A girl in cowboy boots and short shorts still maintains that slutty appeal, but the boots add an element of  “I am going to say no a couple times first”. I guess I should start calling them cowgirl boots, equality, if a guy was wearing these,  we would laugh a little, if he had the short shorts on too, we would be jealous of the blind. I say keep wearing the boots, it’s always fascinating to me how when something becomes mainstream, it immediately has to be sexified. In the real cowgirl world, I bet the amount of women who wait till marriage before doing anything on their back or all fours is double the rest of the world’s. How about stealing their values and not just their shoes. Still, I am a sucker for a girl who can shoot skeet. Flashion.