In some cultures, when a young lady is summoned to be a bride, they inspect her to make sure she is pure, which basically means has she done it yet. It would take .00003 seconds to make a formal ruling on this girl’s purity. Can you say daddy issues? Skin isn’t the only thing that is being revealed, she can’t even lie and say she doesn’t have a stick of gum or that she forgot her wallet, it’s clear as day what she has in that inventory. Just take it down a notch, no I don’t mean pull the shorts down and expose more top then bottom, I mean pretend like you don’t know what a sandy pelican is. It all starts with the first impression. They say dress for the job you want, not the job you have, so this chick is currently unemployed but wants to work as an extra in a rap video. Perfect. You know your shorts are too small when you have to use a shoe lace as a belt. The only way to make these better is to acid wash them, wait that already happened and they still suck, well we’re stumped. Don’t even try to guess what that string is hanging down from the left leg. Just Trashion all over the place, no way around it. I wouldn’t kiss her with your lips.

P.S. We have had a crazy amount of sluts today, someone redeem the gender. @Theflashion or . Best outfit gets a prize.