Say it. I know we are thinking the same thing,so just get it over with. Fine, I will. What the hell is going on with that zipper? It is so long and in your face. If she goes to the bathroom and forgets to zip up, it will be too late to whisper XYZ ( eXamine Your Zipper), fireworks will already be going off. The world isn’t ready for things like this. It is being worn like formal attire,but the zipper is clearly screaming “I belong on the floor next to your bed.” Mixed signals baby. After I wear pants for awhile, the zipper loses it’s stability and beings to droop, if this girl has even a micrometer of a droop, then I hope she waxes. I don’t really like the color or the pockets, to be honest. I think this misses on a variety of levels. The material looks so light and airy, that I question if this thing is meant for people. All night she has to worry about a breeze exposing her tush and when she isn’t worrying about the back, she has to make sure the front is high and tight. Just because they sell it, doesn’t mean you have to buy it . I bet the price-tag is pretty juicy and it’s in a store that usually sells some good things, so you get caught in the web of trusting other people’s suggestion. It’s a business, they will sell you pictures of genocide if they know you’d buy them. Go buy a romper, and protect your cracks. Trashion girl. You’re better then that.


P.S. Never wear this on a first date. You’ll be fighting off wondering hands for hours.