I had this picture in my rainy day folder. I have always had a theory about tattoos that if you’re going to accentuate your body with a tattoo, you have got to have a good looking body. Why draw attention upon yourself? I admire the confidence to do something this bold without hitting the curl machine . We all know what their response would be : “Well I got this when I was younger and my body was different.” Thanks for making my next point dingus. I can’t even commit to a restaurant for dinner and these jokesters are branding their skin for life. The placement of a tattoo is a bigger concern then the tattoo itself, the arm is clearly something you’re going to be exposing throughout life. Get to the gym, work that arm out, get a motorcycle and start living the life. Right now , you look like an absolute sell-out. You were once that cool chick who went into the tattoo parlor with no cash and got this ink because you went “tit for tat” with the owner. Find those days. It’s not too late. Another thing, when you get a tattoo, either it means something that you want a reminder of for the rest of your life or you’re making a mistake. No grey area in any of this. In some cultures, they tattoo young people when they enter adulthood, in some cultures they also eat humans. Maybe I am a hater, but I am usually right about everything. This chick either gets buff enough to join American Gladiators or she lives the rest of her life Trashion.


P.S. the outfit sucks too.